CLIA Adoption Services

Our 2 Day In-Office training gets your practice compliant, trained, registered and prepared to run YOUR level of Comprehensive Oral HealthCare. We will tailor our training to suit your practice's specific needs. Pick and choose your menu of solutions, and we will help you build your practice to revolve around your vision. 


Several new mandate changes now allow general dentists to "cross over" into the medical world for treatment options, diagnostics, and billing.  Sleep Apnea Treatment, Botox Injections for migraines, even implants are a small peek into this new era of dental care. But with Serapis, we can get your office one step further. Imagine a dental office running a Prothrombin time (PT/INR) just prior to starting a hygiene procedure?? And having this test paid for by insurance! Depending on the trigger for medical necessity medical insurances may cover the exam, xrays, implants, anesthesia, surgical extraction, etc, etc...In certain cases even Restorative and Orthodontic treatments maybe covered!!

The Serapis Vision for Comprehensive Care takes dentistry this whole new level by getting dental providers to recognize the differences between "medically deemed necessary" and "dental only" treatment. We also go beyond treatment into diagnostics for risk assessment. Our CLIA Services are designed to help providers understand when justified tests can be performed, and potentially payable by insurance. With Serapis CLIA Services a Dentist can perform On-site diagnostics from blood, saliva, and urine for the purpose of risk assessment prior to dental treatment. Our team can provide your office everything it needs to become legal, compliant, registered and therefore payable as a CLIA diagnostic lab. 

  • Underlying medical conditions, complications from medications/drugs/alcohol, and unknown health status can alter patient treatment and recovery. In certain situations, not having a proper understanding of the patients' systematic health unknowingly leads to high-risk situations, potential complications, and possible contra- indicated care. While a dentist can NOT diagnose from these on-site tests, diagnostics prior to dental care is vital to proper patient care and collaborative services


Our CLIA Package combined with our Medical Billing Services creates and easy to adopt and simple path towards a true Comprehensive HealthCare dental practice and get you office compliant and capable of billing for the following diagnostics-

• Comprehensive Metabolic Panel ALB, ALP, ALT, AST, BUN, Ca, CI‐, CRE, GLU, K+, Na+, TBIL, tCO2, TP
• Basic Metabolic Panel BUN, Ca, CI‐, CRE, GLU, K+, Na+, tCO2
• Lipid Panel CHOL, CHOL/HDL*, nHDLc*, HDL, LDL*, TRIG, VLDL*
• Lipid Panel Plus ALT, AST, CHOL, CHOL/HDL*, nHDLc*, GLU, HDL, LDL*, TRIG, VLDL*
• Liver Panel Plus ALB, ALP, ALT, AMY, AST, GGT, TBIL, TP
• General Chemistry 6 ALT, AST, BUN, CRE, GGT, GLU
• Electrolyte Panel ‐ Cl‐, K+, Na+, tCO2
• Kidney Check ‐ BUN, CRE
• Renal Function Panel ALB, BUN, Ca, Cl‐, CRE, GLU, K+, Na+, PHOS, tCO2
• MetLyte 8 Panel BUN, CK, Cl‐ , CRE, GLU, K+, Na+, tCO2

• Blood Glucose Testing
• A1c Testing
• Hemoglobin HgB
• Hepatitis C antibody virus detection
• HIV 1/2 Virus Antibody Testing
• Automated Urinalysis testing for Bilirubin, Blood, Leukocytes, Glucose, Ketone, Nitrite, pH, Protein

Please contact us for pricing as implementation costs vary greatly based on level of Diagnostics Testing Adopted... 




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