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Serapis Management, LLC was created to advance the level of patient care provided in a dental office. Our vision of collaborative treatment through data sharing, common best practices, and CLIA lab accreditation creates an environment where Comprehensive Oral HealthCare can be easily adopted into any dental office. Our goal is to create a unique level of patient care that turns a dental office into an extension of the medical industry. Our Comprehensive Services combined with our supportive services creates a one-stop shop for any dental need. Serapis Management even offers corporate partnership under our trademarked and proprietary dental brand. No matter what level of services you choose Serapis as your partner in....


                                                                                                    -Our promise is to enhance your dentistry, not to own it. 




Jennifer Andert - President and Founder

Jennifer has 16 years of experience in the dental field. Her many roles within in the industry has given her a clear understanding of the challenges of running a dental office in today's world, and keeping up with the ever changing demands of patient care as the field transitions into the future. Jennifer's insight into these challenges and her passion for knowledge started her on a journey to change the everyday dental office.


Starting with her previous experiences from the medical and veterinary fields, Jennifer began to research for some answers outside of the dental status quo. Combining medical best practices, veterinary business models, and dental protocols led to a great new type dental practice. This new practice created an environment where dentists could be considered a point-of-care provider which proved to be a giant step forward towards Comprehensive Care. As this new business began to solidify, a volunteer weekend left  Jennifer searching again. This time her goal was to find a solution to some of the biggest patient barriers to proper healthcare- Affordable Treatment, Access to Services, Access to Providers, and Communication between Professionals. 

Finding a better way for practitioner, AND patient soon became her obsession. 

Soon a Serapis Management, LLC was created to assist dentists with adopting, practicing and thriving in a Comprehensive Oral HealthCare practice. Shortly thereafter Serapis Management LLC, trademarked and copyrighted a proprietary dental brand. 


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