The Serapis Full Service Dental Lab 

The Serapis Dental Lab, is a giant evolution in lab service. The vision of our company, and the Comprehensive Care approach to patient health is strongly reinforced in our Dental Laboratory.  Our specialty trained Dental Laboratory Technicians and manufacturing facilities are fully Electronic Health Records (EHR), SNOMED CT, and HIPAA compliant. With permission they are allowed to view files such as Digital Impressions, Photo Images, CT Scans and patient allergy information within our cloud servers. If the prescribing doctor is also a Serapis client, cross-Industry cases and complicated treatment can be worked in virtual real-time reducing chair-side adjustment at the time of delivery. Serapis Labs can also upload data into the patient record as well. Imagine a patient file that included the original dental industry scan, any medical provider collaboration, the materials used in production, and the digital models created during the case all recorded and accessible? We are just starting to explore the possibilities here, but tracking patient allergies to materials and the potential for patient identification in forensics are definitely a great addition to patient care. 

At Serapis Labs our motto is- If it goes in your mouth, it goes in your record!

  • We Accept Traditional Impressions, or Digital .stl files. 

  • We Can Handle all of your cases. Complicated cross-industry restorations, simple single unit, or everywhere in-between

  • Nickel Free Metals and Tooth-Toned Metals

  • All-On-Four, Fixed Prosthetics, Traditional Denture, Partial Removable, Crown, Bridge, Implants, Implant supported restorations, etc, etc..

  • Success -TM  Flexible Injection Prosthetics

  • EMA -TM Snoring Device

  • Impak- TM Nightguards

  • We will soon be adding 3D model printing! Watch for Updates to Serapis Lab Services as we start expanding our offerings to keep up with the ever changing technologies in dental...

*Scanner Rentals Available in local markets. 

*please email for current scanner market, rental fees and limitations. Additional training maybe necessary for use and/or proprietary prescriptions.  

Fee schedules are subject to change and in some cases fees are based on degree of difficulty, email us for further questions and current quote. 


T: 925-300-6920

F: 925-318-4688 

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