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It’s 12PM On a Friday, YOU KNOW WHAT’S COMING…

The phone rings and it's Mary.  Mary is a great patient,  she has been coming to the practice for 30 years. She fell down at the park today, broke off her front tooth, and is in pain.  Her jaw is swollen and sore, and a few teeth are loose….Sounds like a simple case, but Mary is 56, and is on record as an insulin regulated diabetic. She is currently on prescribed blood thinners, cholesterol medication and daily aspirin therapy...


What do you do? How would you bill?

These questions, or cases like these are a part of everyday dentistry.  While proper patient care is always the first priority, sometimes as professionals we weigh patient care versus patient risk. Mary's case raises some difficult questions as to if she is even healthy enough for treatment, or if her medications could complicate immediate treatment. Even worse, what if Mary has already has maxed out her insurance and is no longer a great patient. What if she is a consistent patient but has a history of unpaid bills when she needs to pay out of pocket. You like Mary, but you you know she just can not afford treatment outside of coverage...Now Mary's case has become one where ethics maybe questioned if we deny to see her.. This may sound extreme, but every dental office faces these questions. You might be thinking our yours now. Did You Take or Refer Yours??




What if a dentist could perform their own health screenings* just prior to treatment when deemed medically necessary?

What if a dentist could instantly have access to Mary's medication history? or recent health record?

And what if you had the option to bill medical insurance for ALL the services required to fix Mary's smile??


* A dentist when CLIA laboratory accredited can perform, and in medically deemed necessary situations get reimbursed for performing the following tests by a patient's medical insurance provider-

  • Initial Health Screenings as a first point-of-contact health provider

  • Health Screenings for risk assessment from known or unknown health history prior to treatment

  • Health Screenings to risk assessment from potential known or unknown drug interactions prior to treatment 


* A dentist who is Compliant with medically standardized Electronic Health Records (EHR's) can verify a patient's pharmacy records, insurance eligibility including medical coverage for emergency dental services. They also can have access to portions of a patient's health record for documentation of "Medical Necessity" when applicable.  

NOW imagine, a dentist could bill medical for this entire procedure....    

Now How Would You Treat Mary???

Serapis Management, LLC offers services and provides training to make this level of patient care possible. Did we mention new services and medical billing also adds revenue to the practice...


CLIA Adoption Assistance


  • Become CLIA Registered to Perform CLIA-Waived Blood, Urine and Salivary testing 

  • Become EHR (Electronic Health Records) Capable   *Includes E-Prescibe*

  • Learn How to Easily Collaborate for Combined Medical/Dental and Cross-Over Treatment Plans

  • Elevate your level of Patient Care while Adding Potential New Revenue to the Practice

Medical and Dental Billing Services
  • ​Medical, Dental and Private Insurance Billing *including 1year follow up on denied claims

  • NO NEED to purchase additional software.

  • Easy template provided to streamline data submission

  • No Pay-No Pay Guarantee 

  • One Source Primary and Secondary Billing Scenarios

  • Electronic Submission Fees Included

Managed Admistrative Services


  • Business, Production and Hygiene Analysis 

  • OSHA/HIPAA/CLIA/CE Compliance Monitoring

  • Accounting services- A/R, A/P, Collections, Tax preparation, Reporting

  • Employee Services- Contracting, HR, Payroll

  • Budgeting Assistance including Inventory Managment

  • 3rd party Vendor Negotiations

  • Data and Records Management

Access to Serapis Dental Lab


  • Single Unit to Full Mouth Reconstruction

  • Digital or Traditional Impressions

  • Study Models 

  • Surgical Guides

  • Sleep Apnea Devices

  • Prosthetics 


Digital Scanners Available for Rental upon Request

Marketing and Advertising Services


  • Custom Designed Logos and Brand Creation

  • Trademarking and Copywriting Services

  • Webpage Creation, Design, and Monitoring

  • TV/Radio And Digital Marketing Packages

  • Creation of Social Media Presence 


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