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Serapis Billing services can help increase your practice revenue, and reduce your patient's out-of-pocket expenses. Outsourcing billing services to experts removes all the burdens of learning coding, filing corrections, phone-call follow-ups, and insurance claims chasing out of the office. Not to mention when you use experts for claims processing your success rate is greatly increased with minimal staff training, and with very little cost to the office. Our specialty trained billing specialists can process all dental, medical, primary-secondary, collaborative, "cross-over", workman's compensation, contracted, and liability insurance claims.

Our billing services are offered through a secured cloud based log-in portal allowing clinicians access to their billing records anywhere, and at anytime, from any internet connected device with NO hardware or software updates required. The Serapis integrated templates streamline data entry so the entire process is fast and effective at creating a strong case towards a paid claim. Our billing software is designed to be simple enough to be used chair-side in real time, but we won't hold it against you if you upload data when you have free time. The entire process takes approximately 7-15 minutes depending on complexity.

It's as simple as  1. Verify Eligibility

                                         2. Pre-Authorize 

                                         3. Finalize

All the office needs to do is upload the data from the patient appointment into our servers through the portal, and our billing team takes over from there with preparing, processing, and claims submission. Your claim is always processed through a Medical or Dental Specific clearing house prior to insurance submission. This ensures a higher rate of approval and a faster turn around time to paid. If a correction is needed, the Serapis team will handle all required processing AND In the case of a denial, we pursue claims for up to one year or until final decision.

Our initial start-up fee includes-

*Account Set up and Insurance accreditation or contracting assistance. Before you can send a claim to medical, you must register your office with medical. We will help you determine which insurance profile will work best for your office, and assist with registration. 

Standard Start-Up $3000 - Up to 3 Billing Providers. NO limit to Private Insurances. -- Premier,PPO, HMO plans

Group Practice Start-Up $5000- Up to 6 Billing Providers, Up to 10 Locations. No limit to Private Insurances.

Corporate Practice Start-Up Call for Quote - up to 15 Billing Providers, Up to 20 Locations.No limit to Private Insurances.

Call for quote if larger contract is required. This fee is non-refundable.

*** PLEASE NOTE - an $500 additional fee applies for current and enrolling providers in MediCare, MediCaid, and/or Medi-Cal. This is a single fee charged in addition to the above.  KAISER PERMENENTE CONTRACTING is not guaranteed. 


After start-up Serapis has two levels of billing services, either on a per-claim basis or on a fixed monthly contracted level. Your office can choose their commitment level based on need.

Per-Claims billing is invoiced as the claim has been paid and the insurance check received, or funds transferred. The office is charged 10% of the paid amount per claim as a processing fee. 

Contracted Billing is a simple fixed monthly expense irregardless of the amount of claims processed.  

Both of our Billing levels include the capability to pre-authorize claims, and verify eligibility.

*The contracted billing platform is a practice management and billing software subscription that is fully Medical, Dental, EHR, E-Prescribe, ICD-10, and SNOMED CT certified for meaningful use. Grant assistance for "Meaningful Use Adoption" is available for our "assisted healthcare" providers when applicable. 













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